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What is a Garage?

Garages are notoriously hard to define as everyone uses their garage for several different things.  Some people created Microsoft and early versions of Apple in a garage, others create rocking chairs and deck furniture, some park their vehicle and store their unwieldly household items there, and some use their garage as a way to host people without having them in their home.  The point is garages are a multi-purposed multi-faceted area attached/detached to your home and how you define that space says a lot about your lifestyle, interests and hobbies. Which is why Superior Garage is set on creating a space that works for your family, whether that space is a man-cave that’s ideal for the men, a she-shed thats ideal for  women, or somewhere in the middle that has a little something for everyone. 


If your looking for ideas be sure to contact Superior Garage at 907 Winnipeg Street in Regina Sask!

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