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Proslat Edge & Classic Cabinetry Launch!

Check out the new sneak peak at the Proslat Edge and Classic Cabinetry lines.  These sleek ‘n’ sexy cabinets are modern and well thought out which makes them the perfect addition to your garage. The Proslat mantra “Freedom – Function – Form” is very evident with both of these product lines. Superior garage applauds Proslat big time on this line because these cabinets are everything a blue collar worker wants, with a blue collar price tag! Since were on the topic of colors, check this out – the body of the cabinets can be customized with either Satin Black or Satin Silver and the trim has five glorious options (Midnight Blue, Artic Silver, Crimson Red, Phantom Grey, and Galaxy Black)!  If that’s not enough colors to choose from then you can customize any color for a premium! If you’re in the market for an economical, functional and beautiful cabinet set for your garage then definitely give us a call or drop in and we can see exactly what sort of pre-built or custom set works for you!

Now that I have said my peice, lets get down to what you really came here for - The Pictures!!!


If you stare at these cabinets closely and listen you can hear the buzzing of bumble bees ;)




Bat Cave Anyone?

Honestly these cabinets make me wish I was a roll of steel, waiting to be manufactured into a Proslat Cabinet!

Look at these fancy color options I think my boxers come in the same set!

One thing to note in this phoro below is the counter tops! The Stainless Steel is scrumptious, you wont know whether to use that workbench to work or to prepare sushi!!! - AMAZING!




Just look at those smooth cavity based handles, full welded construction, ball bearing slides... the list goes on!


Silver Set


That's it, that's all folks. For more information your going to have to wait to the Official Launch!

Feel free to contact Superior to get a quote on either line today!


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