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Retail Floor Coatings

Metallic Coatings are starting to catch on in Regina mainly in basements, garages, sunrooms, and anywhere else you can think that a beautiful coating could be needed to replace concrete.  That being said if your interested in a metallic coating like the ones below then come down to Superior Garage to see some of the samples that we have. Please bring some samples of the colors that you would like to see turned into an elegant metallic coating, this includes matching your car, store brand, favorite team or any other color scheme you may like and we will see what we can do for you!

This Honey Brown coating is really nice, it will reflect a lot of light and brighten any retail location, its also really easy to clean up!


This Metallic Grey below is a favorite. We have this product on the hallway in the back of our showroom, it looks like clouds or smoke trapped in the floor. 

Midnight Blue is another favorite, this coating really does look like ocean/lake water. 




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