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Car & Truck Containment Mats

Superior Garage has brought back the lowest price in Saskatchewan for Car & Truck Containment Mats!

The exact same mats available as Home Depot and Peavey Mart only our truck mats are $110.00 and $80.00 cheaper and our car mats are $40.00 cheaper! Don’t pay more at a big box store, come check out our showroom at 907 Winnipeg Street and pick one up today!

Features Include:
• Protects floors, walls and items on the floor from water, snow and road contaminants (oil, salts, windshield washing fluid). 
• Constructed with 32oz per square yard anti-skid vinyl coated nylon!
• Liquid capacity for the car mat (7’6” X 18’6”) is 62 imperial gallons
• Liquid capacity for the truck mat (7’6” X 21’) is 70 imperial gallons 
• 100 % Waterproof and UV treated!
• Raised 1” edge catches water/debris 
• Rated from -40 to +40 degree Celsius 
• $250.00 for the Truck $230.00 for the Car/Van!


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