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3 Trends In Construction

Regina is ripe with contractors right now, and there is enough low lying fruit for everyone to get a bite of work but the real question we want to raise awareness is “does everyone deserve work?”. In this week’s blog Superior Garage and Superior FD Contracting would like to talk about an on-going trend we have noticed in Southern Saskatchewan’s construction industry. The trend we have noticed is the pop-up shops, the evenings and weekend warrior contractors, and the moonlighters that have flooded the Southern Saskatchewan market with trades that are not industry trialed and tested businesses and they are definitely not permanent. To help better understand this concept let’s take an example of the oil and gas industry.

The oil and gas industry is known to be cyclical in nature both seasonally and over longer periods of time, which means that at times when refineries shutdown or production slows there is an influx of labor into the market that seeks to compete with the skilled labor that operates fulltime in other industries. Enter the pop-up ‘skilled’ tradesmen shops and the moonlighters.  These are the ‘skilled’ laborers that have a fulltime position at another company and have been laid off or they have a full time ‘cozy’ position and still seek to compete in the construction industry in their spare time. Whether these are coating companies, renovating companies, general contractors or general handymen, all too often these are the contractors that give the entire industry a bad reputation because to them the industry is supplemental cash and the work they seek is ‘filler’ to earn extra cash when they are away from their career position. These ‘skilled laborers’ are the type of contractors that continuously Superior Garage and other reputable companies are cleaning up after, all too often at the cost of the homeowner which ultimately damages the entire industry as confidence in the consumer is lowered. Every home owner over the age of 30 has heard a renovation nightmare story from someone that has had a horrible run-in with a contractor that wasn’t up to snuff and frankly we are sick of the horror stories and renovation nightmares that we hear from customers and their friends and family.  These nightmare scenarios have lead us to talk about our second trend we have noticed in the construction industry and that is the use of paying for credibility.

Paying for credibility is the act of joining or albeit being nearly hostage to the consumers’ market because there are so many horrible contractors operating in a given area that “credibility certifiers” swoop in to save the day by reassuring consumers that a business/contractor is credible.  The problem with this model is that anyone can buy credibility.  Whether it’s the Better Business Bureau or Trusted Regina, anyone can buy into these organizations and dispute any claim made against them through these organizations.  It’s ridiculous that the industry is so rot with shysters and bad contractors that these organizations should exist to ‘advise’ consumers on whom is a good contractor and whom isn’t especially when these organizations are receiving a payment from those that are ‘credible’.  Which leads Superior to the final point in this week’s blog, and that is anyone can promise the world, but it’s an entirely different ball game to deliver it.

Putting your money where your mouth is an old saying, and at Superior we live by it. That is not to say that we are without flaw, but when a flaw arises – so does Superior.  This company is our passion, our daily grind, our vocation and our labor of love.  It’s this attitude that we foster amongst one another and we strive to perpetuate from the owners right down the new hires.  It’s this mentality that is our greatest strength and it’s this mentality and work ethic that is characteristic of a company turns out quality work by dedicated professionals.  Superior Garage and Superior FD Coatings is not the only construction company that puts their customer first because anyone that is worth their weight in salt in this industry knows that that their reputation is their strongest marketing tool. To wrap this week’s blog up let’s do a quick recap of the main points.

#1. Just because someone can lift a hammer and claims to be able to complete the job does not qualify that someone as a skilled contractor.

#2. Paying for credibility is a broken business model, fir everyone involved but the creditability company.

#3. Treat your customers the way you want to be treated. – The golden rule of contracting.

#3.1 Always check the contractors references and previous work history to ensure they have satisfied customers. – The golden rule of hiring a contractor. 

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