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Over the years Superior Coatings has changed a lot with regards to the products and services that we offer.  From cabinetry to coatings we have trialed all the manufacturers, we have spoken with all the customer service agents, and we have ordered hundreds of thousands of dollars in products over the last eight years.  We have ensured ourselves and our customers that we have a coating or cabinet for their specific needs, no matter what that may be.  From airplane hangers to car wash bays and from woodworking to welders there is a coating, overlay system and/or cabinet that suits your purpose and we can source and install these coatings and cabinets to specification every time.  Superior has the expertise and we have long lasting relationships with every coating manufacturer on the market so if your workspace has special considerations or needs, we have the support channels needed to be able to tailor a coating system that ensures longevity, durability and beauty.

Recently we have coated for a large agricultural and petrol-chemical company that required flooring solution that dissipated electromagnetic charges so that their employees could feel safe working around large holding tanks without the fear of having highly explosive vapours igniting. A challenge Superior did not take lightly.

In the past, we have completed hair salons in heritage buildings which presented its own set of challenges by not being allowed to modify certain aspects of the flooring structure. Superior has coated car washes that serve hundreds of cars a month and are still holding strong, and we have also coated the flooring in the recent Hospital Home Lottery Show Home.

What we mean to say is, Superior isn’t a one trick polyaspartic pony. Whatever your needs and budget are we can offer a solution or point you in the right direction. For everyone else that has already purchased a Superior coating, we thank you and appreciate your support.


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