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2017 Thus Far

Superior Garage and Superior FD Coatings have always stayed current on cutting edge technology with regards to concrete coatings, concrete repair materials, grinding and floor preparation techniques.  What lays ahead for Superior Garage & Coatings in 2017, will be more advanced coatings for industrial and commercial settings, and a new residential/commercial line of cabinetry! For those of you that have been in the show room and are looking to pick up cabinets on the cheap, our old showroom cabinets will be on the chopping block soon with handsome mark-downs to be had as a new line takes their place!

Other then the new product coming in and the older products phasing out, there isn’t very much red-hot news in the coating and garage customization construction industry. However, since you have read this far and you're now invested in seeing closure with this article, lets see how far your willing to go for that closure. The following is a little sample of what we have seen in the construction industry in the first quarter of 2017. Be advised this is strictly food for thought, to be taken with a grain of salt, shot of malk or whatever floats your canoe.

Número Uno.  – PST seems to have really rustled some feathers this year, that seems to be by far the biggest game changer of the year thus far and the construction industry sure isn’t happy. If we hear at Superior Garage “cash job” one more time I’m sure we are all going to lose our minds. The entire point of adding on extra PST is to generate $$$ into the government coffers, avoiding paying taxes only makes your province, state, country worse off, think Greece, bailouts, austerity and we don’t want to look like Greece. In short just take it on the nose, pay your share and move on.   

Nombre Deux – Is the economy weaker this year? This question sort of begs the obvious as the sheer panic from the government is enough to know if the province is/has bottomed out. So yes, Saskatchewan is a little slower these days then in the recent past, does that mean there isn’t crazy boom money flowing in faster then we can spend it? Maybe, but remember Regina itself is a Government town, we have a huge crown corporation presence, the FCC, Brandt etc, all of which will keep this town floating on regardless of how badly the commodities market tanks.

तीन नंबर – The cost of living is still chea… oh wait, wait a minute. Remind me again why property taxes are on the move upwards, PST just plastered itself over everything, rent for residential and commercial is still on the steady climb, and power, water, energy is also taking small hikes. Next we will move the minimum wage up and the only ‘business’ left with operating room will be the government.

数 四 – At least Trump appreciates Canada and won’t muddy the waters with higher tariffs and taxes on softwood, milk, pipelines or oil exports, etc. So, we have that going for us, which is nice.

Nummer Fünf – I was going to mention something about drywall, but it seems that this is a non-starter now. Evidently there is support for the peoples of drywall professions that ki-bosched those sticky tariffs.

Number Six – Last but not least, where are you going to go? Saskatchewan isn’t really all that bad, especially when you look to the troubles of Alberta and the East when their economies tank, they don’t just catch a cold and weather the storm… they end up on life support stretched out on a stretcher for… a decade? Maybe more? 


Do you disagree, have something to add or would just rather set us straight? 


Let us know, you know where to find us. 


"And until next time, keep fit and have fun!" - Hal Johnson and Joanne McCleod

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