Precision Series



Superior Garage has teamed up with Cougar Custom Cabinets to offer a customized sleek and crisp-finish garage cabinet line that is priced between a stainless steel machine pre-fabricated line and a composite board machine fabricated line. What that means is if you have tiny little nooks-n’-crannies or awkward large spaces then search no more because Cougar Custom Cabinets can make a cabinet specific for your space! Maybe you need a little extra functionality to your drawers

or cabinets, don’t worry the design team at Cougar can create you wildest dreams in cabinetry and they are competitively priced, locally owned and operated for 30 years, and real easy to work with!



Precision 1   

So why did Superior Garage choose to work with Cougar?

The answer is simple, these guys have the skill, the knowledge and the experience to create and offer exactly what we are looking for which is a durable garage style cabinet for a competitive price, and they are eco-friendly!


For more information on Cougar Custom Cabinets please see their website at http://www.

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