Speed Cove

    • When coated with Superior Garage floor coatings (polyaspartic), it forms a uniform, smooth and seamless floor-to-wall juncture as opposed to tile grout lines that tend to fill and hold unsanitary matter.
    • Fastest, easiest, most convenient alternative to meet commercial cove base requirements.
    • Precast heights and shapes assure the installer of meeting cove base code requirements correctly every time eliminating costly re-inspections and call backs.
    • Precast 48” lengths with preformed 90 and 45-degree corners makes installation fast and easy even for unskilled laborers.
    • All systems install with basic carpentry and/or tile skills, tools, and adhesives.
    • System pieces can easily be installed in many tight spots and places where mechanical troweling can’t be done efficiently or at all.
    • Contractors can provide their own cove base applications, especially on jobs where mechanical troweling is unavailable or not cost effective.
    • Contractors can avoid hiring and scheduling of additional subcontractors.
    • Lower overall cove base costs equals more competitive bidding against alternative flooring options such as tile.
    • No long delays for drying time - product can be masked and coated once adhesive sets.
    • Less job down time means overall project savings.
    • 48” lengths are an ideal combination for both fast installation, plus efficient shipping and handling.
    • It won’t shrink, swell, warp, dent, rot, decay, or burn.
    • It is extremely durable, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic
    • Has excellent adhesion to high performance concrete coatings.
    • Used for commercial, residential, new construction, remodels, interior applications.

For use with both thin film and high build flooring in all types of finishes.

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