Swisstrax garage floors are durable, have a non-slip, non-staining surface, are easy to clean and if you move you can easily dismantle the flooring and reassemble in another location. Swisstrax floors are backed by a 15 year warranty!


Water drains through the tiles and keeps walkways dry and safe. Whether you park your car, motorcycle, boat, or RV, this durable and attractive garage tile is practical and virtually maintenance free.


  • Diamondtrax garage flooring tiles will not chip or break.
  • The use of an underlay will soften the Diamondtrax garage flooring.
  • Diamondtrax garage flooring tiles clean up easier than concrete or epoxy.
  • Diamondtrax garage flooring is easy to install.
  • You can mix the Diamondtrax garage flooring tiles with Floortrax to create a combined floor where a Diamond Plate surface is preferred but some areas require a flat surface tile.
  • Diamondtrax garage flooring is non-slip.
  • Diamondtrax garage flooring tiles are 100% portable.

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