SFD Contracting

Superior FD Contracting was the original Superior Company in the Superior FD Group of Companies.  However as Superior FD Coatings and Superior Garage took off and dominated all our time, Superior FD Contracting has always taken a back seat.  Well now Superior Contracting is back in full swing and renovating just over 10 high-end quality renovations a year.  We renovate top to bottom, exterior and interior, old and new! 

Just give us a call or fill out the quick quote form and we will be happy to come estimate your work.  

To speak in person you can visit us at the Superior Garage Showroom and offices at...

907 Winnipeg Street 

Regina Sask,


Plenty of parking at the back of the building we are located just south of Cap-It on the east side of Winnipeg 1/3 of block south of the lights on Ross and Winnipeg. 


 Thanks for checking out Superior FD Contracting, many more photos coming soon!












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