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[vc_row][vc_column][ultimate_heading main_heading=”How did Superior Garage become to the company it is today?” margin_design_tab_text=””][/ultimate_heading][vc_column_text]Superior Garage started with one product not offered to the Saskatchewan market which was Polyaspartic floor coatings and blossomed into an entire showroom of Superior products. In a recent interview with the president and CEO Brandon Fuchs we discover the foundation of Superior Garages business model which is moored in credibility, trust, and performance as without those three attributes you end up looking like another contractor promising the world.  We like to promise the world and then deliver jaw-dropping results as Saskatchewan’s construction industry is robust and flourishing which means that those that produce a worthy product and service will get the jobs and those that don’t, won’t.

The following article briefly discusses Superior Garage and the standards they hold while competing for and completing your garages space.

 You mention that credibility and trust have helped you build a successful company, how has that helped Superior Garage succeed?

We like to think that credibility and trust are the most important attributes to compliment a Superior product/service.  Recently there have been a number of companies that have begun servicing the South Saskatchewan area and we support the competition because it keeps us on our toes and ensures that our workmanship is top notch.  One thing I can say about Superior Garage is that our installers have experience with the top four leading product suppliers and this knowledge and experience rivals and exceeds the experience of other polyaspartic finishing companies.  Furthermore, our installers are owners and have been installing for 6 years, so when superior installs a polyaspartic floor we know that it is perfect. Lastly, our customers are returning customers for storage products and floor coatings as they know our principals are to complete the job perfectly or not at all.

How do we get our price point so low?

Simple economics and construction industry experience (we bulk order the best product, our professional installers make no mistakes which waste no product) ultimately setting the price point to beat in the South Saskatchewan area.

How do we know Superior is in fact Superior to other companies?

Independently and locally owned, Superior Garage and Superior FD Coatings have the highest level of experience in using all the major suppliers in the industry.  Our experience and relationship that we have with these suppliers are what gives Superior Garage and Superior FD Coatings the ability to charge less than our competitors while providing the best product. From a consumer standpoint, I guess you would have to get involved with the industry, do some research, collect quotes and then decide for yourself. All the product specifications are online, so essentially you have to check out what each company has to offer and weigh your concerns with the products/services they offer and then decide what is a right match your you. Furthermore, a product isn’t going to live up to its product specifications if it is installed incorrectly so be sure to ask a contractor what work they have done that is completed and get in touch with some of the people that have already used their service (our largest repeat customers are home builders in the Regina area).  Word of mouth is how this company has flourished and it truly is the best method of marketing (reputation perpetuated by accomplished work and satisfied customers).

What accreditation do you have to your name?

This question I love because we could make a “training program” and self-certify our own workers but in the end we think that Saskatchewan consumers have wised up to some of these companies that tell you what you want to hear as “professionals”, get your money and you can forget about getting them on the phone again, let alone in person or out to your botched floor. Superior Garage has a business model that works, it works so well we are being copied. Superior Garage and Superior FD Coatings are here to stay which means your floor is in good hands… hands that will grow old in Saskatchewan. So to answer your question, our accreditation is our survival in the business world as a company that performs, and delivers the agreed upon project at the agreed upon price.

Superior Garage has attended the world-of-concrete expos and learned from professionals that have coated celebrities’ floors such as Jay Leno and large infrastructure projects throughout the United States. Our accreditations are many however to post all of our suppliers accreditations on the internet would be foolish as other start-up companies will quickly copy the steps that we have completed and we don’t like giving away our hard work and trade secrets in blog posts.

We hope this post has helped consumers understand who we are, what we do, and how we do it, with the aims of showing consumers that we stand behind Superior products and services as our customers are our best reps!