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Superior FD Coatings are Regina’s experts in garage living providing our local community with the best floor coating services and products. We offer a wide selection of floor coating options like epoxy and polyaspartic, long-lasting and durable concrete finishes. Our industrial garage floor systems are polished and sealed by concrete industry experts making floors slip resistant and easy to clean and maintain. Our team of flooring specialists have a broad range of experience, spanning a variety of floor coating products. We confidently offer our clients a garage floor coating tailored to the lifestyle requirements that will withstand the mechanical, environmental and chemical stresses of your garage. There are advantages and disadvantages of various epoxy flooring systems and Superior FD Coatings will happily go through the pros and cons of all of them with our clients. Request a quote today, we offer free on-site in home consultations and estimates along with amazing customer service and experienced professionals.

Did you know there is a wide variety of floor coating options but floors with a metallic coating continue to be high-tech trend, popular in both residential and commercial construction sites. Metallic concrete floor coatings are one-of-a-kind finishes that leave the ordinary behind and have an exotic look to them. How the contractor applies the metallic floor coating differs in the finished product. Metallic floors have translucency to them and dimensions to give the pigments and colours creating a deep rich look of liquid layers. In some cases a unique appearance is achieved through the natural variations and imperfections. It is impossible to duplicate any one metallic floor coating as the manipulation of the application can determine the final product, for example whether it is soft and subtle or distinctive and cratered/hammered looking.

To achieve a more acid-stained look for your metallic floor coating skip all solvents. To achieve a three-dimensional look giving a sense of movement you’re going to need to squeegee the floor and use solvent to disperse the pigment. A variety of solvents can create a cloud-like effect but watch that you don’t add solvents once the epoxy floor coating begins to get tacky. Gravity can influence the finished product as well as the metallic epoxy floor coating will move in the direction of any slopes in the floor. Don’t worry all floors have some slopes or inconsistencies that affect the appearance of the floor, another reason you cannot duplicate a finish. Metallic epoxy floors dry rock solid in about 24 hours and then you can walk on them.

Once the floor is dry your Superior FD Coatings specialist will be unable to control any changes and it’s important to note that the floor will continue to change until completely set. All concrete surfaces that have blemishes and cracks should be patched before application, any cracks or blemishes in the concrete can become more apparent after the epoxy floor coating is completely dried. Metallic floor coating are not as forgiving as a polyaspartic floor coating so don’t use just any metallic floor coating, hire a professional. Superior FD Coatings offers all types of floor coating systems along with free consultations and experienced, professional recommendations.