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Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, New Years, Ukrainian New Years- whichever holidays you celebrate it’s time to put away our holiday specific items and decorations. Often the garage is a space where we store everything we’ve packed up . With spring cleaning around the corner, Superior Garage is going to help you put a bit more thought into storage and organization of your items so you don’t have to redo it come spring time and so it’s easier next holiday season.

When it comes to storage, plastic bins are designed to stack easier, store and be moved.  Often these units are sturdier than traditional cardboard boxes and less of a fire hazard. Plastic bins also protect your items from light fading their colour. Marie Kondo a Japanese organising consultant, recommends that the bins be clear. This is to ensure when they are put away you can see all the items without ripping apart your bins. These bins are perfect for containing and packing away all your items big or small. At Superior our bins easily can be organized on slat walls for easy rearranging, access and long term storage off the ground.

OnRax is also a great system for hiding your bins, you can hide all your bins along the garage ceiling and because they are clear bins, you can see exactly where everything is before you lower the racking system using it’s motorized ceiling unit. You can hide the Christmas tree, wreaths, stuff that doesn’t fit in bins, whatever special holiday items you have and more. The best part about these Rax is that your holiday storage isn’t competing with your car or table saw for space in your garage.

 You won’t want to store all your holidays items in the garage because high moisture and fluctuating temperatures can damage your items. Avoid storing anything that is made of cloth, and anything super delicate like crystal or antiques, so maybe not the Menorah, candles, etc. The Plastic bins can protect some things if stored with consideration, cloth can be stored with silica packets to deter the moisture damage, and delicate items can be wrapped in bubble wrap, or newspaper, anything that can cushion movement. Also note that white plastic artificial trees or trees with the imitation snow dusting treatments can yellow and do not last as long if temperature and humidity storage conditions aren’t optimal, so remember to keep that in mind when storing your Christmas Tree, tinsels, etc.
            To keep yourself further organized coordinate and label your bins and boxes, yes, we recommend clear, but opaque plastic bins can be colour coordinated to eliminate the guesswork. Boxes aren’t an issue if they very clearly state their contents. We do not recommend writing directly on the plastic, just in case you want to change the contents inside.

It seems everyone is inspired to work on tiding up their spaces this New Year’s thanks to Netflix. With Superior Garage and our lines of storage solutions we can help you achieve your resolution to get organized. Contact us today!

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