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To complete your floor coating you are going to want to consider how you would like to address the grade beams your walls are sitting on. A grade beam is a component of a building’s foundation also called a grade beam footing. A grade beam is a reinforced concrete beam that distributes the weight from the bearing wall. Unless you are building foundations it isn’t super important to know the engineering specifications or the construction process but they will have an impact the aesthetic appeal of your garage or concrete spaces.

Superior FD Coatings offers many options:

  • Unfinished
  • Coated
  • Capped & Coated
  • Coved, Capped, & Coated
  • Aluminum Diamond Plate Covering

Superior FD Coatings will always present these options during any consultation and you are welcome to visit our show room to see these options in person.

Superior FD Coating professionals install floor coverings to improve their surface properties depending on the physical and chemical requirements of the floor. We follow the proper methods of applying these coatings, which also include epoxies, concrete overlays, polyaspartics, pigments, and solvents. This means we understand that application of floor coating is never done directly onto the grade beam. We fasten good one-side (G1S) plywood using screws or ramset and glue, we fill all holes, and sand down everything down smooth without any breaks to prepare the surface. Some cases may require insulation behind plywood, Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) walls and insulated grade beams can bypass this step. By choosing a deluxe floor coating applied to the grade beam/pony wall you can forego trim along the floor.

It is important to note that in Regina we have heavy clay soil, meaning the ground swells and cracks concrete walls and floors and can block the flow of water away from backfill zones. Our soil has higher concentrations alkaline in it as well giving it a higher pH number and the ground composition directly affects the integrity of your foundation. By installing floor coating on the grade beams not only are we keeping the aesthetic of your space cohesive but the functionality is enhanced as well, if your garage floods – knock on wood – coated grade beams protect the concrete and walls from moisture damage.

Regardless of how deep your piles or foundations are Superior FD Coatings. Our coating standards help protect structural surfaces while enhancing the appearance of any space our products are installed in.

Grade beam preparation