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The garage is transforming from a place dad hides to avoid doing dishes into a practical and functional room in the house and it can be used by everyone. In most cases, the garage is designed and utilized to store your vehicle. Let’s explore some ideas that can change your garage from an ugly room into a practical extension of your home.

? The foundation of a great room starts on the floor and works upwards so let’s talk about the garage floor. To really enhance your garage floor we especially like Quarts Polyspartic & Epoxy Floorings, they are a highly-durable concrete coating application for the most demanding heavy-traffic environments, specifically in areas which require excellent high traction properties. One of my personal favourites is metallic coatings, and they are starting to catch on in Regina, their reflective quality, colour variation, and durability makes them a widely selected choice. If you don’t want shiny flooring but still want a sharp look to try the CementitiousOverlays, a sprayed or troweled textured concrete available in a natural custom look that resembles stone, rock, slate or wood and covers your damaged, discoloured and deteriorating concrete. Whatever option you choose for your garage, adding a heated garage floor makes working on the vehicle on those cold days more bearable. If you skip the heated flooring don’t skip over the garage floor,there’s nothing eye-catching about oil stains!

? Functional garages need to have some sort of aesthetically pleasing storage. We carry OnRax to hide stuff but sometimes you need stuff a bit more accessible, so many garages have full-on cabinets making their garage look more like an industrial kitchen or laundry room. The high-end Canadian-made Contur cabinets are perfect for when you’re working on your vehicle, all the push-open drawers slide open with very little effort. Best of all Contur Cabinets feature 100-lb rated full-extension cabinet drawers and 50-lb. adjustable load capacity interior shelves, perfect for storing heavy tools. The look of these cabinets is sharp since they use UV protected electrostatic powder paint and the inside of the door fronts are expanded polypropylene foam core so that your chances of dings on your cupboards are minimal. The cabinets also come designed to be fitted with optional LED lighting that can be controlled via remote control. The storage you have in your garage should add to the functionality of the space without detracting from the visual impact.

? Speaking of visual impacts with the emergence of LED lighting there is increased interest in controllability of lighting perhaps taking the front position. The appeal of RF wireless is growing in new construction by reducing wiring requirements and thus reducing labour as well. This RF wireless also allows interaction between users and their lighting. The ability to adjust light and other environmental conditions, such as temperature, using mobile devices is universally appealing but can make working in the garage more exciting. You can get really fancy and have different zones of light adjustment controls allowing cool features like spotlighting vehicles and turning on specific areas, like under the cabinets.

? We also know you like to whistle while you work, and since we are interested in controllability, we suggest opting for some in-wall speakers and ceiling speakers. Many of the newest products are self-contained speaker with wireless technology, so it can connect to other compatible speakers and your home’s Wi-Fi network, perfect for the control-freak in your home. You can also design your sound system with multiple speakers for key locations in your garage. Music can really add an element of play to the work area of the garage.

? The garage isn’t just solely for workspaces but also play spaces. One idea that is great for Canadian winters and hockey players is the SportScreen. This product has turned driveways everywhere into the ultimate sports training zone. Best part is that this easily installed high-intensity at-home training tool comes in a powered version that is controlled with a remote control. It works great for any sport and then you don’t have to worry about damaging the garage door. The manufacturing process takes place entirely in Canada and sources Canadian materials whenever possible, this addition to yourgarage is perfect for the Canadian hockey lover.

Whatever functions you need for your garage update, come to Superior Garage and we can help you turn your garage into an awesome room of the home.